2022 Super Bowl

NBC: 2022 Super Bowl Ads Almost Sold Out, Holding Back Spots for Last-Minute Buyers

2022 Super Bowl : Spots have sold for as much as $6.5M, according to NBC Sports ad sales chief Dan Lovinger, with the 2022 Winter Olympics “virtually sold out” too. Streaming services are among the most aggressive buyers.

Live sports continue to be the standard bearers for TV advertising, if new details from NBC Sports are any indication.

On a call with reporters Wednesday, NBC Sports advertising 2022 Super Bowl sales chief Dan Lovinger said that inventory for NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl LVI on Feb. 13, 2022, is essentially sold out, with only a few spots left and the company “purposely holding them back” as it seeks big deals to sell out the big game.

“We have seen demand exceed our remaining inventory available, but we have obviously been fairly choosy and are working with that inventory to make the most of it,” Lovinger said.

Lovinger added that spots have sold for as much as $6.5 million for 30 seconds, with buys also including a matching investment in other NBCUniversal properties. “It’s not uncommon for us to ask our Super Bowl partners to invest in other parts of our portfolio — typically it is in sports.2022 Super Bowl As we have worked to drive our One Platform solutions, we have opened up more opportunity for our partners,” Lovinger said. “So there generally tends to be a nod of agreement, rather than being forced to do anything they are uncomfortable with.”

One place some sponsors are spending their matching money: the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will coincide with the Super Bowl next February. Lovinger said that the 2022 games are “virtually sold out,” and that the company will “evaluate requests for participation on a case-by-case basis” from advertisers, citing the “unprecedented opportunity” for marketers to place campaigns in the Super Bowl and the Olympics in the same buy.

As for Sunday Night Football, which kicks off this week, Lovinger says that scatter pricing is 30 percent above upfront pricing, with sports betting companies, cryptocurrency and digital wallet firms, 2022 Super Bowl and entertainment and streaming services among the most aggressive buyers in the marketplace.


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